Friday, April 22, 2011

Crown Of Love

Last fall I read a great book called Elizabeth's Women that analyzed the women in the Virgin Queen's life and how they influenced her. It was a fascinating read and kept with my tendency to be very interested in Britain's royal history.

While not of documentary accuracy, I also loved The Tudors and every week I would find myself googling different people to learn more about them. A name would be mentioned and off I went, following webpage to webpage learning about the history of a country I have never even been to.

When The King's Speech came out, I knew I would see it. Another story about royalty and involving people still alive was just what I was in the mood for and I came out of the theatre wanting to know more more more.

The Young Victoria was another movie I just loved and reading about her reign was like candy for me. Seeing her and Prince Albert in the beginning of their relationship on the big screen was like getting to see past the traditions and stuffiness, if you will. I know it was just a movie, but I loved it.

And that brings us to The Royal Wedding. I am so excited to see it! And it's not because of their celebrity, but because they are a part of history and tradition. Even though the monarchy is completely different than it was when King Henry VIII ruled, Prince William is still going to be in a line that comes from him (not by blood, but by reign) and I think it's really cool to see (albeit on TV) a moment in history.

And yes, it's a "Fairy Tale". A girl just like the rest of us (although much more wealthy than me!) is marrying a prince. I am not embarrassed to say that I want to see it and want to know what Catherine Middleton is going to wear. I want to see them walk into the church. I want to see Victoria Beckham in the audience! (Okay, so that part is a bit of celebrity fascination.)

So haters can keep hating, but I am going to be waking up early on the 29th to watch the royal wedding because I love tradition.


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Tess said...

I feel the same way about English history, and all the contemporary movies of it. They might be total hogwash as far as historical accuracy goes, but my gosh! The image of Elizabeth on horseback, her red hair flowing over her armor as she gives a speech to her army, is too compelling not to love.

Serena said...

I sometimes wish I was that into period pieces. Unfortunately, I'm a fair weather fan, only into some of the pieces. One thing I totally to is google the crap out of things like that though. I also do it with historical fiction. I love it when they actually put what really happened in.