Saturday, May 21, 2011

Secret Knowledge Of Backroads

A comment  by Tess on my previous post really made me realize the part of my life that I would really like to change:


I am sure it has been no secret to those who know me in "real life" that living farther away from everything has really affected my mood lately. Just to fill you all in- I had given notice on my previous apartment in Reston and then I got appendicitis. My parents ended up moving me out of there while I was in the hospital. I never had a chance to find a new place and while it was a blessing in disguise (the hospital is expensive, y'all, living with my parents farther out has been trying. I don't mind living with them at all, but they're 40 miles from my job and most of my friends. The other day it took me almost two hours to get to work. Now I have started leaving extra early and just waiting around at work to begin my shift.

I have already counted my blessings and know things could be worse, but spending so much time just driving is tiring, expensive, and soul-crushing at times.

I really can't wait to live in my dream area...a smallish town near a larger one (and not one on the Top 10 Worst Traffic List) where I don't have to consider rush hour traffic every day I plan on doing something.

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