Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Vacation, Day 1

I'll be writing these posts mostly for my own memories, but I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures as well.

We flew out of Boston, so my vacation actually began with a little* drive from Virginia to Kittery, Maine where my sister lives now. I usually avoid toll roads like the Plague, but in order to make the trip as short as possible, I begrudgingly headed up 95 and the New Jersey Turnpike and spent about $35 in tolls. (RIDICULOUS!) I got there at about 3pm, which, if you do the math, shows that I had left my house at 5ish so I was practically a zombie by the time I arrived. Sleep is for the week, though, so we spent the next few hours checking into our flight and finalizing our itineraries. 

It was at this point that I took out a couple of things from my suitcase. This was VERY tough for me as I love to take a lot with me wherever I go. I hate getting somewhere and not feeling like wearing what I've brought. I ended up having three things in my suitcase that I didn't wear in Scotland: a sparkly shirt, a skirt, and a dress. Oh, and the tights for the dress. I'm still glad I brought them, though. Options, people!

I was falling asleep by 9 or 10 so I hit the hay and set my alarm for 4am the next morning!

Next up? A day of traveling!



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