Tuesday, January 21, 2014


People in the DC Metro area love to complain about snow. Even people who love the snow complain about it!

"Why are things closing early? It's just a little snow!"

"Northern VA drivers can't drive in a little snow!"

"Why aren't things closing early!? It's snowing!"

Well, here's how I feel about it:

It rarely snows around here anymore. I have great memories from my childhood of days off from school when we would wake up at 5am in the hopes of seeing "Fauquier County" scrolling across the bottom of the screen of closures. When it would snow so much that we could actually make snowmen and go sledding on the hills behind our house. I remember it snowing as early as Thanksgiving and as late as March several times. But in the last 10 years, our snow levels have dropped dramatically, much to my disappointment. I've never even driven my current car in any substantial snow. I have no idea how it will handle in several inches of the beautiful white stuff so yeah, I drive slower when it snows and I limit my time on the roads. How is that a bad thing? And I know I'm not the only one who doesn't like to drive in the snow. I don't even like to drive when the conditions are great. I've been rear ended three times and most recently had a flatbed trailer disconnect and hit me while on 66! I haven't even had a bad accident and I'm apprehensive about how other people drive. Add in slick conditions and I definitely want to stay off of the roads. It's not like we live in Vermont and I have a lot of practice and experience driving in snow. Are you from Vermont? Well, good for you- drive all you want, but you're in the Mid-Atlantic now and we don't get snow very often so stop making comments about how we "handle the snow."

And aside from the practicalities of being safe, what about the fun part of snow? The Snow Day! Who doesn't love a random day off? There was a big snow storm about five years ago that caused my job to close for the day, but one of my coworkers still went in and ended up getting stuck there! Was it worth getting stuck somewhere awful just to prove she wasn't a "wimp"  in the snow? Being careless isn't cool! Better safe than sorry is a saying for a reason. Stay home and relax! It's fun!


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