Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Red Reviews: August

10. Love the color scheme, but what's with that awkward pose? Not only does the upper half of her look odd, but her legs are cut off right below the knee! 
9. This is very "Oh! You caught me!" The softness is beautiful, but I can't stand that pose. 
8. I love the softness of this cover and the way her blonde hair almost melts into the words, but the staring at me pose is more jarring than striking. Beautiful eyes, though! 
7. I think I'd like this better if it was just from the waist up. I'm not sure if it's because of the mom jeans or just that I want it to be more of a close up. But the pop (get it?) or red with the white/gray is so good.

6. Is her top crocheted or chainmail? Because, if chainmail, this shoots to #1 because I am ob-sessed with that stuff! 

5. AMY SCHUMER IS AWESOME! I like her hair a lot on this cover,but I'm not so sure about the color of the dress. I'm just always going to be a fan of darker colors. 

4. Such a relaxed, "Oh it's August and I'm on vacation and not stressed at all" cover. Great colors and such a natural-looking (if not actually naturally) pose.

3. I love how saucy this is. It's very tip-your-hat "G'day!" I'm also a fan of natural frames like what her arm is doing. The shadow behind her body is also exceptional.
2. There is something about this type of pose that I really love. It's the exposed back and inability to really tell what someone's figure is. I can't explain, I just love it. I also like the dress Nicole Kidman is wearing.
1. I've always loved Kristen Stewart. I love her look, her 'tude, her acting, and her modeling. The top in this shot is really pretty and it matches her eyes so well. It's also a nice touch that the Marie Claire matches her lip color. It's interesting that there were so many front-facing poses on August's covers, but this one is my favorite.

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