Saturday, October 17, 2015

Red Reviews: October

I'm super late with this month's magazine covers, but I've been on vacation and sans wifi for much of it.

15. The best thing about this cover is that Sofia Vergara is wearing something a little different than she usually does. I get soooo bored of the same silhouettes she wears. Her hair does look great, though.

14. Unfortunately, Cosmo is hardly ever going to rank high for me because I tend to like the more artsy/high fashion type covers. I love LC, but I definitely prefer her sweet side. The lilac is very pretty, though. And, as always, her hair and  makeup look amazing.
13. Nothing about this covers makes me think of October and I don't like that. Sure, we're already thinking about Spring fashion in these magazines, but I'd still like an autumn color palate!

12. A literal cover. The best of beauty so a close up of a beautiful woman. Julia Roberts has amazing hair! I cover it often.

11. Is it daring because half of her face is covered? Because she has a pixie cut? Because it's Lena Dunham? I don't really know (or care), but I love the colors on this one. She has great eyes and this shot gives them a chance to really stand out. Also, I'm a sucker for a sweater.

10. Orange for October! Yay!
9. For a shot with no neck, this works quite well. Her arms look great, her expression looks great, and the red really makes it pop!

8. Mary Kate Olsen looks great here! Wait, it's Claire Danes? Really? Oh! W, always doing something different...and different looks good.

7. So, first of all, Serena and I have a new podcast and in our premiere episode we talk all about the fashion in Empire! Check it out here. So, I like this cover because of the orange plus pink, but also because Taraji P. Henson looks awesome and that belt feature on the dress is great.
6. Sorry, but I'm a sucker for sequins.
5. I actually stopped and stared when I saw this cover in the store. The creamy white that dominates the cover is exquisite, especially when played against Michelle Dockery's hair. I appreciate that this cover looks very "Lady Mary" since we're about to have the last season of Downton Abbey. That said, this cover wouldn't jumped ahead a few spots if there had been just a little more of a smirk or smile in her expression.
4. To me, Amy Schumer is saying "What?" in this photo. Like, "Yeah, I'm awesome...what?" She is great and I love that she is getting these awesome covers and knocking them out of the park.
3. Hot damn is this a great cover! Miley Cyrus looks incredible: the white suit with the black accents is both striking and not too attention grabbing and her hair and makeup are both strong and soft at the same time. Combined with the splattered paint behind her, it all combines for an A+ cover.
2. Yes! This is the "high style" they're advertising! Sienna Miller is staring you down from this cover with those piercing, beautiful eyes and her hair! OMG, her hair. I die for it. Plus, the dress (?) she is wearing, plus the jewelry, is so on point.
1. This is quite possibly the greatest cover I have ever seen and, if it isn't, it's tied for first. Lupita Nyong'o looks like an Egyptian princess in this gorgeous golden dress and her entire being just glows. Props to Vogue for putting her against a taupe background and for matching the magazine name to her dress. On a scale of 1 to 10, this is an 11.

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