Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winter Wonderland

People give me a hard time about the weather. Like because I know what I like (COLD) and am 100% happy when I get to wear layers and scarves and hope for snow that I'm weird. I literally never complain about it being cold. Never ever.

But when it's January and 71 degrees out, people act like I'm a monster because I'm upset. It's not just a little warmer today, it's ridiculously warm. The average temperature in January around here is 32. So we're ~40 degrees warmer than that today. Unacceptable.

"But doesn't it feel good after it being so cold?"

No. You know what feels good? A cashmere sweater.

You know what doesn't feel good? Having to work in an overly heated building because it's 40 degrees warmer than what the thermostats are set for.

Also, it's not like we get this same unseasonable weather in the summer. The average temperatures around here for June, July, August, and September are 80, 80, 89, and 86 respectively. Also in the past few years, the coldest average day has only been 19 degrees cooler than the average. 19. Not 40.

So, come back to me when it's going to be a high in the 40s in July. Then we can talk. Or when it's going to be 20 degrees above the average for multiple days.

Give me back my winter. It's already too fleeting.


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