Monday, December 03, 2007

I Want You To Stay

I had a mini-realization a moment ago that maybe my inability to blog is because it is reminding me too much of paper writing and writing papers is the last thing I want to be doing right now. So, to get away from that feeling, but to still blog, I present you the following: bullets.

  • It was cold and windy today and I think it improved my mood ten fold when I stepped outside into it this afternoon. Although, to be fair, anytime I clock out and leave work my mood improves.
  • I had a "Night With The Guys" last night. It was fun. I told them not to hold back and to talk about chicks and sports all they wanted. I did object when one started talking about the wonders of the thong and how I should wear one Friday when we all go out. Ummmm, no! He was just teasing, though, to be fair.
  • For some reason, many of the photographs I have that involve cigarettes and smoking have more hits than my other photos. Should this be my "thing"? Note: Not ME smoking.
  • I was told today that I "layered perfectly". That's maybe one of the best things a person could ever tell me.
  • I'm actually about to fall asleep. This list is going to be shorter than I thought!



Cheryl said...

sweet dreams!

That is exactly the reason i get less bloggy sometimes.

Miss Scarlet said...

Cheryl- Haha, I know. It's tough to sit down and type when it reminds me of papers, ew.