Saturday, December 29, 2007

Racing Like A Pro

Busy busy busy! I feel like I haven't been home much at all lately and when I am home, I go to sleep. The holidays have been great so far and Santa was very kind to me. Yes, be jealous of the earrings I got from Tiffany. I was also excited for the gifts I gave to friends and family and I hope they all enjoyed them.

Ali's birthday was a lot of fun, too. We took her to The Big Hunt and Lucky Bar in Dupont on the 21st so if you saw a gorgeous young thing with curly hair being dragged around by an equally (but different) gorgeous girl with long straight dark hair who was yelling, 'IT'S HER BIRTHDAY!" then you saw us and we would like to thank you for being there to celebrate her big Two One.

A lot of people do big 2007 wrap up blogs, but at this point, I can't really remember what all went on this year. I mean, of course I remember, but not well enough to write a succinct post. Maybe later I will try. You know, in 2008.


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Ant said...

Nah, no need for a wrap-up blog - life continues and it sounds like you've had a good year anyway!