Tuesday, January 01, 2008

One Year Later

Ant said I don't have to do a 2007 wrap up so I'm not going to. And 2008? Well, so far I've been kind of tired for it. The transition from 2007 to 2008 was pretty good, though. Maybe I'll tell you about that.

I was going on about 3 hours sleep so prior to any celebrations, I had to take a nap. After said nap, I hung out with Ali and Bearthaniel and we made delicious (rich) hot chocolate and learned about meth addicts and bulimics while watching Intervention. Surprisingly, this did not ruin our appetites and we headed out in search of food. Well, we ended up at 7-11 since everything was closed. I looked like a hooker, which was awesome, since I was wearing fishnets and patent leather heels. Those Big Bites were delicious, though.

Next on the agenda was picking up Brendan and then Serena to head over to Randi's. I wasn't even sure who all would be there, besides us and Ali and Bear, but was pleasantly surprised when the following people ended up being there, too: Jonah, Tice, Kelly, MattB, Patty, and Emily.

It was a good time. We played some Texas Hold 'Em (I was winning when we took a break and we never resumed the game so therefor I am the winner of 2007!), danced, listened to awesome music (Britney, '80s!, etc.), took a gazillion pictures and all around had a good time.

Midnight was special goodness, of course. Lip locking with the hottest guy there does not result in a complaint from me:) Then we all cheek kissed everyone else and took another gazillion pictures. (I will link to these once mine are posted.)

We left the party at about 2ish, which was pretty late considering I had been up since 430am and would be getting up again at 7am* for work. So, if New Years Eve was an indicator of the year to come, it's going to be good. Not that I believe in that...but if the indicator reads "good", then why not believe in it? Hmmm.

Oh, and no resolutions. I don't make those. I am already awesome.


*Martyr baby

+Title from The Get Up Kids


Ant said...

Lip-locking = awesome indeed! :-)

Sounds like a blast and a perfect way to start the year...

minijonb said...

very cool way to end the year.

have a great 2008!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time.... even though there was like, no space!

Serena said...

So does that mean I'm meant to forget part of 2008 because I'll be drunk? hahaha.