Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Jordan Baker, over at Dealing With Subterfuges, just posted her own "Free Pass" lists and I figured it would be good to have my own on file. Do not judge. Also, my internet sucks so no pictures-deal with it.

Level One: 5 Celebrities I Can Hook Up With Should The Occasion Arise At Any Point In My Life No Matter My Relationship Status:

1. Brad Pitt- Wouldn't it be effed up if he wasn't on my list even though I am completely obsessed infatuated with him?
2. Justin Timberlake- My Gawd, he oozes sex.
3. George Clooney- He's on my list because as the list gets older, he gets hotter. It's win-win.
4. Billy Corgan- It would be really angry sex, I think. OR, he would surprise me and have lots of candles and make me meditate first. But I would make him sing for me so that's okay.
5. Ben Affleck- He's sweet-hott. I've always been a fan. And he's so tall. Yum!

Honorable Mentions: Bob Nanna (feels weird to say that), David Letterman, Michael Vartan, Dave Grohl (the only reason he didn't make the list is because he has a cute family now), Ewan McGregor

Level Two: 5 People I Would Switch Teams For. Note: I Do Not WANT To Switch Teams, But This Is A Part Of The Game:

1. Angelina Jolie- I have yet to decide if it's because she gets to bone Brad Pitt or just because she's hott.
2. Giselle- And maybe she'd bring me some free clothing samples! Plus, she's hott. She's a supermodel for goodness sake!
3. Christina Aguilera- She's dirrty.
4. Lauren Graham- I love Gilmore Girls that much!
5. Paris Hilton- We share a birthday.

Honorable Mention: Lindsay Lohan (but not clean, borrrrring. It's why she wasn't #5.)

Level Three: 5 Celebrity Couples With Whom I Would Have A Threesome. Note: Both Will Definitely Be There So Choose Wisely:

1. Victoria and David Beckham- I'm not copying Jordan, I swear. They're hott. Both of them. Have you seen the photos from W????!!!!
2. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie- I can totally see them forgetting I am there.
3. Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani- It would be super fashionable.
4. Johnny Depp and that French Chick- Johnny doesn't make my Top 5 Guys list, but makes it here because of lack of options.
5. Len Wiseman and Kate Beckinsale- I have no idea. I will probably change this spot soon after posting this.

So there you go! I guess I'll go get this laminated...



Serena said...

Hahaha. The one that really got me was Lauren Graham.

Stephanie said...

LOVE Giselle. Also LOVE Lauren Graham. Good choices, though I might add Blake Lively. :)

CBK said...

Hahaha, Bob Nanna getting some love! I can see what you mean about feeling weird writing it. The Love of Bob is almost above a list like this.

And Lauren Graham is Hott!!!

minijonb said...

i would tie Len Wiseman up and stick him in a closet so i could get down with Kate Beckinsale... is there a list i can make of that scenario?!?


Ant said...

The woman list is exactly like mine but the order is different - Gisele would definitely be a stratospheric first. In fact, I think I would probably kill myself after having sex with her, as I know that I could not do anything better with my life than that (other than declare to everyone that "I knobbed Gisele"...)

And I'm disappointed that Captain Jack hasn't made it to your first list - I'd suggest replacing Billy Corgan or Ben Affleck.

Actually, looking at it - I think your first list would be my second list (with modifications as above...)

And I loved the comment about the threesomes forgetting your there... :-) What an awesome post!

Cheryl said...

well you have to laminate it!

Marissa said...

ooh what a fun list. i love love love justin timberlake. did i mention i loved justin timberlake?

Courtney said...

am I the only one shocked by David Letterman!?!?