Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Party Of Special Things To Do

Ali and I went to our cousin's college graduation party yesterday in Sterling. It started at 330pm and when we got there, at about 530ish, one keg was almost floating and they were trying to decide if they'd need a third. Needless to say, it was a pretty awesome party.

What I love about my family (extended, too) is that we know how to have a good time. I think every time I walked into the kitchen another group was doing a tequila shot and they were often being led by an aunt or uncle of mine. I also loved that Ali and I played a round of beer pong and totally followed up our trash talking with an awesomely played game that went into overtime. We almost beat the house champs. We had them worried.

It was also interesting to see and hang out with a totally different set of people. Of course we have known our cousin forever, but we usually only hang out with him on family vacations and stuff. Some of his friends were interesting characters:

-One guy we met, who was really cool, called me "Johanssen" and Ali "McBeal" whenever he saw us.
-One guy was pissed because our cousin cut us in the line for beer pong, haha. I think he was worried once he saw how good we are.
-My favorite was this girl who got really drunk. We noticed she kept showing up where ever the alcohol was. "Shots!" and she would be there..."New keg!" and she would be there. She was really funny, though, especially when she decided it was too dark and brought a lamp in from another room. "I like lamp" she said.
-We thought this one guy was cool until he showed us a picture of someone's bowel movement and then went into the bathroom to take a picture of his own. He also enjoyed passing gas. Ew!

I got some awesome pictures, but, as always, you will have to wait for those until I can get to the fast interent...


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Cheryl said...

Ew! That last guy...ew!