Thursday, May 01, 2008

Stop Breathing

I know they wouldn't let someone die on national tv, but it is freaking me the eff out to watch David Blaine hold his breath for over a minute while under water, which is the longest I have ever held mine*. Thankfully, I am watching a rerun of Oprah and just checked online to make sure nothing scary happened. Right now he is at 15 minutes with no oxygen and the doctor on set is saying how he is in a lot of pain and his diaphragm is "going crazy".

Holy hell he just came above water after holding his breath for 17 minutes!!!!!!! Dude, and he's just chillin' now. And talking.

I remember years ago when I saw one of his street magic specials on tv and thought he was so cool. I still do...except I am not a fan of his weirder, more random stunts like when he was in a glass box for 2 months or something. I like it when he's super intense and "levitates" or does creepy street magic.

I'm glad he got the record.


*And I thought that was good at the time.


Randi said...

David Blaine is a crazy person. I swear he's going to croak one day doing all of that stuff.

GreenCanary said...

David Blaine must have gills or something *shaking head in disbelief*

Ant said...

David Blaine freaks me out. And I swear he cheats. Though I'm glad he didn't die too.

It's not all in the magic...

minijonb said...

"Write it on a postcard..."

That guy is one can short of a six pack... but, HEY, he's on TV!!!

Serena said...

That is really weird. Can he really do that? I'm skeptical.