Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Radio's Hot Sun

Ali put blush on me while we drove from Kings Dominion to Richmond. It was a silly moment, but kind of gives you an idea of what our days together are like. We had headed to Kings Dominion early, but the luxury of a season pass combined with ass-hot temperatures led us to leave earlier than we had planned. It was pretty awesome, though, to ride rides for a few hours and not feel like we wasted our money. Those season passes are already paid for and made worth it. Now when we go, it's totally bonus cup time.

So since it was ass-hot, we went to Richmond to hit up American Apparel (I bought a slutty dress and a not so slutty dress), For The Love Of Chocolate (is that the name?) where I bought extreme dark chocolate for my mom and a macaroon for Ali and myself to keep us going until dinner. Then we got margaritas, which hit us harder than we had expected until we remembered we never had real lunch (just breakfast lunch-Sonic serves the full menu all day, suckers). As required, we then went to Sticky Rice for dinner where, as is becoming tradition, we tried to special of the day. Yumsies!

So You Think You Can Dance is super hott tonight. I missed the first two routines, and I'm tired, so I won't be recapping. I will say that I love Chelsie and Katee as well as all of the guys. I think Comfort needs to go because Courtney and Kherington are much better. On the guy's side, I'm afraid Mark will be leaving, which sucks because I like him a lot. In fact, I love all of the guys. Like, a lot.


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Serena said...

The visual of Ali putting blush on you while driving is terribly cute and also so terribly "you guys". haha.