Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Beginner

I wasn't sure what to blog about...I was only sure what not to blog about (politics), so I grabbed a CD near me to be inspired by the title. What I grabbed was a random "New Noise: EMI New Music Sampler" CD and first saw the song, "The Beginner" by Miranda Lee Richards. Um, no idea, but what the hell:

I wish I wasn't a beginner at the guitar. I used to take guitar lessons and got to be so-so at it. I was always quite frustrated because I'm good at the clarinet so I get impatient and want to be immediately good at other instruments. I had no trouble learning the flute or the baritone or any of the other band type instruments I have attempted, but the guitar...oh, the guitar. It's almost like the piano for me where I am good when I am around middle C, but once I need to branch out, I lose it. With the guitar, I'm fine when I play the basic chords, but once it gets more complex, I lose it.

I know the problem, though-practice makes perfect. I don't want to dedicate the time to getting better at the guitar. I want to be good now. It's boring for me to play simple music because I'm used to play the top stuff on the clarinet. And I get both inspired and frustrated when I hear my friend play his crazy stuff on the guitar. I at the same time want to be as good and realize I'll never reach that level.

Oh guitar!



Serena said...

Beginning anything is hard. I'm generally like you in that I just want to be good at something automatically. I wonder if there's anything to that whole "it means more to you if you have to work for it". Haha.

Johnny DC said...

You played flute??