Monday, November 17, 2008

Something Anything

You know what I'm bad at (don't really answer): updating this blog.

You know what I'm good at (and I'm not talking about what's written in the mens' bathroom): lists.

+ Two weekends ago we went Cabining for Serena's birthday. Except for the unwanted early wake up time, it was better than I expected. And I only say that because close quarters are sometimes not ideal. It worked out, though, and I would venture to say that Serena had a good time, which is most important.

+ This past weekend ended up being great even though it began with no plans at all. Friday night Ali and I hit up Happy Hour (*love*) and were later joined by Brendan and then Serena. I pounded five beers and then we changed location where I had one more. Love me some beer. I had to work the next morning, but really, what's a Saturday shift at work when I am not exhausted?

+ After work I uploaded pictures while waiting to leave for the Wine Party that Nina and Patty were having. The party was so much fun! I love how we started out the evening feeling like adults while discussing the wine and ended with Randi schooling us all on Janet vs Michael Jackson dance moves. Somehow I managed to stay awake until the wee hours of the morning to fully maximize my awesome Saturday night.

+ Sunday was the day I had been looking forward to: my day off. I slept in, shopped a little, relaxed, and then dozed off and on until the game started. I can't believe the Redskins didn't win. I also can't believe the commentator made an opera reference.

+ What else is going on...let' see...Tomorrow we're having sectionals in orchestra and I have not played for two weeks. I usually have very good luck with killing it when I need to, but this time is a little different as my part is beyond difficult because I don't have an A clarinet and don't know anyone who has one for me to borrow.

+ At the moment I am trying to find the perfect picture of me with bangs in order to email a friend to get his opinion. My hair is super long right now and my bangs are about to chin level, but I miss them. What do you think? Just kidding, not that about this one? Ok now for real: what do you think?

+ The last CDs I have purchased are: Kings Of Leon, Eagles Of Death Metal, Goldfrapp, Mark Lanegan, Travis, and Snow Patrol. Given to me were Black Angels and Gutter Twins. #1 on the new Kings Of Leon is amazing.

+ I love that it's finally getting cold out.



Serena said...

Hahaha. Serena (oops...I'm not Bob Dole) did have a good time. And I understand your "better than expected" comment given other trip factors. :-)

And this past weekend was fun! November is turning into such a tiring month though. Haha.

CBK said...

Did you buy the new Snow Patrol? Is it any good?

Miss Scarlet said...

Serena- Yeah, loud people suck. What i can't believe is that November is almost over-whoa!

CBK- Yes, I bought it. It's good, but it's not crazy good or anything. It's great if you were thinking, "man, I like Snow Patrol, but am sick of the last album." It's like a new last album.

Randi said...

Ha ha... I forgot that I went all out on the Jackson family moves at Patty's place. Hee hee!

I say don't cut bangs. Or if you do, keep them around the cheek are and have sideswept bangs.

Randi said...

First Tina Turner, now Whitney?!?!??!?!? how could you not like either of them! Oh Scarlet.....