Thursday, April 16, 2009

We're Going To Be Friends

It's easy to make negative lists..."I hate..." "I don't like..." and, of course, I'm prompted to make those when someone or some thing irritates me. It's better to be positive, though, so here goes:

Things People Do That I Like:

+ Smile when they see me

+ Leave me notes

+ Text/Call/Email me

+ Are understanding

+ Drive me somewhere

+ Make me a mix CD

+ Laugh at my jokes

+ Make me laugh

+ High fives!

+ Remember inside jokes

+ give me their tomatoes



Terra Dawn said...

Someone must like me a lot...or really want me to like them!! I found a nice, new shiny tomato on my front porch this morning. Weird...I know....but true. :) I hope that makes you smile!! (Then I have at least one thing ticked off on your list.)

DC Celine said...

this is fantastic. great list. and love the tomato story, terra dawn :-)