Monday, April 20, 2009

Rain Song

It poured today. The rain often reminds me of when I was a lifeguard because, to a lifeguard, you're always excited for a good storm. I used to be the best at spotting storm clouds in the distance and we would just wait for it to roll in and we would all keep our eyes pealed for lightning and our ears were on alert for thunder. The disappointment when a storm would pass by was high. As long as we were on a thunder or lightning then our jobs were so easy and usually the families would leave and we would get paid to hang out.

That's what rain reminds me of.

There were some days when it would storm and the swimmers would all leave and we would just hang out and read all day. We would set up the chaise lounges, cover up with beach towels, and read books and magazines for hours. I LOVED those days. One of us (usually me) was always on alert, though, for a patron or, even worse, a board member, but we usually could hear the cars coming down the gravel road and we'd jump up and pretend to be cleaning something. I worked my ass off at that job otherwise, though, so I figured some rest was okay every once and awhile.


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Randi said...

Ha ha. At least you read. Some of our lifeguards when on weed breaks (seriously).