Saturday, June 06, 2009

Here Comes The Sun Again

I get in this discussion a lot with people, but I don't understand liking and enjoying summer. I always clarify my "I hate hot" statement by adding that I love both the beach and the pool. Being hot when near large bodies of water is great. It makes sense. What I don't get is being okay with being hot and sweaty when on one's way to things like work and social gatherings. Call me crazy*, but I like to look my best when going out and 90+ degrees is not my ideal for that.

I don't like spring just because I get terrible allergies. Even though I take allergy stuff now, it still affects me and I remember being 16 and having itchy red eyes from about April to June and then sneezing still until the flowers died off come fall. Despite my allergy to nature, I get why people like spring. This year I feel like we had an actual spring. It seemed to never get above 80 and the nights still had a chill in the air. I hope we get a proper fall this year, too!

I know I am very alone in enjoying winter more than summer, but I'll never ever change. Even when I'm rich and own a yacht**, I'll still prefer the colder times of the year.

So, you guys enjoy sweating while I count down to both being by the water and it being fall.


*Just don't call me Shirley
**But see, being in/on/near a large body of water negates the heat. Hmmm!

+Title from M. Ward


Randi said...

Maybe you should say that you don't like "East Coast" summers.... it seems like you don't like humidity.

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