Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Movie Script Ending

I saw The Proposal today and really enjoyed it. I don't often want to see a romantic comedy and to pay to see it in the theatre is almost unheard of for me. Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock got me there, though. I love them both and they did a great job in this movie.

What was more exciting, though, was seeing the preview for the upcoming movie adaption of The Time Traveler's Wife. I loved loved loved the book and have been patiently waiting for the movie to come out. Seeing the preview made me remember the book and I got a little misty during those few minutes.


Kristabella said...

I hope Time Traveler's Wife is good. After I finished it, it became my favorite book of all time. I am SO excited for the movie! Especially because it is filmed in Chicago!

Miss Scarlet said...

That's cool it was filmed in Chicago. I think I will like it. I'm not too picky with book adaptations. it's like an extension of the book for me.