Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Suddenly Everything Has Changed

The warm weather literally depresses me. I know some people get annoyed when I complain about the lack of cool temps, but when it's a week from November and I had to use my car's AC yesterday, it's just ridiculous. When I walk out of my apartment and don't need a jacket at 6am!? That. Is. Just. Wrong.

I thrive in the cold. It awakens my soul. It motivates me and keeps me wanting more more more. Yesterday was not a good day for the weather I love.

So when I got back to my apartment complex last night after a super long day at about 930pm I started cursing really loudly in my car. Why? Because there were absolutely no parking spots near my apartment. They changed our parking situation about a year ago and made it so guests needed passes. It was crappy for awhile after that because the guests would get the good spots. They changes it once again about four months ago and made it so guests had designated spots. Since then, parking has been even worse. When I get home late at night and the only spots available are guests spots next to my building and I can't park there? I get very angry. I had to park so far away last night and I had a lot to carry and I was not cold. Not one bit. I was furious. I yelled the F word about 15 times while looking for a spot. I know I was overreacting, but this has happened way too many times recently. I was so angry I decided to cut through the grass because I just wanted to be home.

And I stepped into a blanket of beautiful, fallen leaves. Gorgeous yellows and oranges. Leaves that covered the grass and ruffled as I walked through them. I forgot all about my anger.


+Title from The Flaming Lips

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