Friday, December 02, 2011

The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning.

Why are YOU participating in #31DDD?

Why am I participating? Honestly? Because I want to be a writer. Sure, I’ve had a blog for over 10 years now and can definitely get my point across, but I have bigger aspirations. I want to write a book. I’m working on it, but it’s slow-going. I have two book ideas and while I have shelved (haha) one for now, I am quite excited about the other. It’s tough, though. The advice from other writers is to “just start writing” and yeah, I’ve started, but I need to get to that point where I realize that it’s not going to come out as a finished product. I want every sentence I compose to be perfect and it is creating quite the obstacle to getting much actually completed.
So, I’m going to do this writing challenge and hope that I, at least, get more comfortable with how I write and what I write. I look forward to the questions that D and D bring us!

+Title from Smashing Pumpkins


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I second that!

JonahA said...

Oh good! I thought you were doing 31DDD. Then you weren't and I'm just glad you are now. Haha.