Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why 2013 Has Been The Best Year So Far

2013 has been a stellar year! On multiple occasions this year I have thought to myself, "Wow, this is the best year of my life!" It's a bold statement and while I always have good years*, this year was top notch when it came to new experiences, grand memories, and kickass scrapbooks.

  • In January I went to Jamaica for a wonderful 10 day vacation at an all-inclusive resort in beautiful Ocho Rios. All-inclusive in itself is a beautiful thing that is worthy of making a vacation pretty stellar, but add in the ocean, a bunch of pools, excursions, and tons of reading time and those 10 days become almost magical. I also read one of my favorite books of the year while on vacation in Jamaica: Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I love having the memory of reading this while lounging by a beautiful pool and drinking pina coladas. 
  • February brought another spectacular birthday celebration where once again I was floored by the awesomeness of my friends. This year the focus was on beer and Serena, Steven, and I started out at the DC Brau brewery for a tour (it was too crowded!) and some tastings. I always suggest bringing a non beer drinker to breweries because then you get more beer. (Thanks, Serena!) Next up, we headed to Ashburn where Anne and Randi met us at the Lost Rhino Brewery for some more tastings and much needed food before we headed to Buffalo Billiards in Chantilly where a ton of other awesome people met up with us! A grand way to celebrate turning 33. 
  • In May I made one of my trips up to visit my sister in Connecticut. This trip was extra awesome because she was graduating with a masters degree from Southern Connecticut State University, and I was lucky enough to be able to go. Always a special time to be able to cheer on your awesome sis:)  Plus, we have a great time together and this trip was no exception.
  • Sprinkled throughout the year were some great movies, books, and concerts including Justin Timberlake/Jay Z and Atoms For Peace.
  • In August my good friend from high school and I went to the Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is essentially a smaller version of a grand slam tournament, but easier to get to and closer seats. We saw so many amazing players in the 24 hours we were there (seriously, we drove 8 hours, watched tennis, slept, watched tennis, and drove 8 hours back. We are big tennis fans!): Roger Federer, Philip Kohlschreiber, Maria Sharapova (!), Sloane Stevens, John Isner, Richard Gasquet, Maria Kirilenko, Serena Williams, Mikhail Youzny, and...   ANDY MURRAY!!!!!!! Every star aligned during this brief, but amazing tennis trip when we got to see Murrays entire match and even scored autographs after he won. As Murray's #1 fan, this was...perfect. 
  • Right after the tennis tourney, I began the super exciting countdown to going to Scotland! Having wanted to go to the Motherland for years and years, to have the actual trip happen was so amazing. My sister and I had an incredible time and it was so special to be able to go with Ali for 10 days in Edinburgh, Kirkwall, and Glasgow. Scotland was swoon-worthy and I will definitely be going back!
So, as you can see, 2013 was a great year! I have a feeling 2014 will be just a great as I already have tennis planned and also hope to throw in a trip to London, as well. Here's to a great year! This year and next!


*Glass half full and all.

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