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Pretty Little Liars Intel: Reality Bites Me

It's been awhile since the last episode, sorry! Catch up real quick and let's get started!

We pick up in "Reality Bites Me" the morning after the girls have found the message "It won't be that easy bitches! -A" on Spencer's mirror and are appropriately freaking out. They're also discussing the letter than A sent to Aria's mom about Byron's affair. (Man, a lot happened last episode!)
  • We find out Ali knew about the affair.

Of course, what's creepier than a message written in blood-red lipstick inside one's house? Why, that's being sent a video message of the girls from the previous night that was taken from within Spencer's closet! So scary.

  • Hanna receives the video text.

They find a tube of lipstick that's the same shade as the message and Aria says it looks like the color Jenna wears.

Back over at the Montgomery's, Mike asks Aria if mom and dad have been acting weird. What a doof. Just wait five minutes, Mike, because for the rest of this episode, they're fighting. Byron offers to move out and I love when Ella is all "Oh, and leave ME to explain things to them!"
  • Ella finds out Aria knew about the affair FOR A YEAR! (She appropriately freaks out.)
In town Hanna is buying her new dental job accessories and runs into Sean who is kinda awkward. She brings up Homecoming and he kinda blows it off and then some blonde shows up in a convertible to give him a ride. I love when Hanna says the new job will help with her fear. "Of dentists," Sean asks. "Of children," she answers.

At school the girls discuss who they think could be A.
  • Jenna?
  • Toby?

Oh, and congrats, Spencer. She won the essay contest!

Emily and Toby have lab together and they have a weird conversation about what they did the night before. I guess Emily is trying to find out if he was home and could have been in Spencer's closet, but he says he was at The Grille until very late because Jenna is loud when she studies.

(Ugh, I'm having chem lab flashbacks. *Shudder*)

Aria stops by Mr. Fitz's classroom and he says how he has "a thing", which turns out to be a writing thing at a local bar.

  • Eugene O'Neil poster in the background. Didn't find much here except that his plays were often about desperation and personal pessimism.

Hanna heads to work and OMG guess who steps into the elevator! JENNA! I love this shot because of the use of the reflections.

Jenna is reapplying her lipstick and what-it's the same shade!
  • Two sides to Jenna?
Check out Hanna's scrubs. Lolz.

  • Hanna follows Jenna and finds out she has been going to a psychiatrist.
At the Hastings, Spencer's dad finally warms up to her because she won the essay contest so he invites her to play tennis with him and a prospective client at the club. Spencer is pleased.

Toby and Emily are still working on the most difficult lab ever and they bond over liking the same band so he invites her to hang out at The Grille with him.
  • We find out Toby draws well.
At the poetry/story reading, a friend of Ezra's is there, much to his surprise, and ends up hanging out with them. It's very random and he tells Ezra that being with Aria is a bad idea. It definitely spooks Fitz!

At the club, Spencer is practicing her serve and meets Alex, the guy who works there. It's funny how close the courts are to the tables at the restaurant.

Hanna, meanwhile, has been stalking the girl who gave Sean a ride: Amber Victerino. Hanna is super bummed that she can't give Sean rides and Ashley says to take that up with her father. We all find out that Hanna's dad is now engaged to that woman! Poor Ashley:(

Of course, just then Hanna gets an IM from A:

I love how A's name is "ThisIsA" and also, who clicks on links from unknown people!?
  • Hanna probably got an A virus that now leaks EVERYTHING to A. 

Emily does indeed go to meet up with Toby, but when she gets to The Grille, the girls are there and since they assume she's there for them, Em sits with them. Aw, poor Toby.

  • Toby is reading Catcher in the Rye. (I've never read that book...any significance you can think of?)
Speaking of books, we get a very pointed shot of To Kill a Mockingbird over at Ezra's where he is telling Aria that she is too young and things will never work. She talks him off the ledge and reminds him that things feel right when they are all alone in his apartment. Yes, because all great relationships are spent in a tiny studio apartment. They makeout and things seem okay.

Turns out Toby left the CD he made for Emily with a waitress to deliver to her, which is sweet...and also a little weird. Hanna tells Emily that if she has someone in her life, she'd be happy for her. Hanna is a good friend.:) 

 Emily listens to the CD and is contemplative.

It's super awkward the next day at the club when Spencer's dad basically tells her to let their opponents win. Ugh! I'd be pissed, too. Also, they play wonky tennis because Spencer only gets one serve. Um, no. They lose on purpose and afterwards, Alex comments about the games being played both on and off the court.

  • No clues here. Just a lot of tough classes.

Hanna sneaks back into the dental office building to try to find out more about where Jenna went and, not only is she wearing a crazy/cool outfit, she finds out Jenna was at a psychotherapist.

The Montgomerys should consider therapy. They're still fighting and poor Mike still has no idea what is going on.

Hanna is back home and still hasn't heard from Sean. I love when we find out that her dad's new fiance went to William and Mary. Virginia! Represent!

Aria heads back to Fitz's, but trouble in paradise because she left her phone there and the incessant buzzing led him to look at it...

Ruh roh. Ezra is pissed.
  • This would be perfect if either Ezra or Aria was A as it would totally take the suspicion off of whomever sent it. 
"Just go," he says.

Hanna finally runs into Sean again and all of a sudden he is normal again. I guess getting his car back did it? He tells Hanna that Amber is just a fellow member of the RLW Club. Real. Love. Waits. Club. Oh jeez.

Trouble at the Hastings again because even though Spencer threw the match, the dad forgot to reserve a table and that was going to be the deal breaker so he threw Alex under the bus to cover his own ass! Ugh! Gross! Spencer is pissed and ends up asking Alex out. I like Alex.

Emily shows up at The Grille to hang out with Toby, which is super nice:)

Our last shot of the episode is of Aria and stupid Mike watching a movie and wondering where dad went while mom has been locked in her room. But I don't care about that because the book on the top of her pile is Summer Sisters by Judy Blume! It is one of my favorite books of all time.

  • I tried to figure out a clue from it and all I can think of is that at the end of the story, the main character has either died or is missing and the read isn't sure what really happened. Remind you of anyone? 
So, did you catching anything major from the episode??

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