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So You Think You Can Dance! Top 20

Soooooo happy it's the Top 20 finally! I blogged this show long ago and I figured, why not do it again! Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on twitter!

Top 20 Dance:

"Stalker Ha" by Kingdom

Choreographed by  Sonja Tayeh

Does the stage looker smaller to you? Or is it just because there are 20 dancers on it? Not sure about the leisure suit/80's neon outfits, but I guess I'd rather save the good costumers for later on. This dance is just meh for me. I've already forgotten it, actually. Super surprised Sonja choreographed that.


The intros are always so boring. "These are the girls....and here are your guys." Zzzzzz

Cat's wearing a saucy little red dress with cut away pockets. She can honestly wear anything, but I think I can see undergarments and that's weird.

Jason Derulo is there! I wish he would sing out his name before every comment. "Jassoooon Derulllooo, that was a great contemporary, guys!"

Brooklyn and Serge dancing the cha cha:

"Hell Yeah" by Midnight Red

Choreographed by Dmitri. 

Great dress on her! Wow! Really shows off her super long legs. Serge gives great expressions, so I like that. This dance felt really long, but in a good way and I thought Dmitri did a great job of making it feel like it had difference sections especially with the breakdown towards the end. Loved it.

Emily and  Casey dancing contemporary:

 "All of Me" by John Legend

Choreographed by Travis Wall

I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! Eh, rough start in my opinion. It looks a little disconnected and like it's just steps. The dancing is great once they get going, though. I'm just not feeling much of a connection between them as well as between them and the audience. I kinda wish they'd saved this song for later on in the season. Also, now that I think about it, Travis described the story as a couple who fights and I just don't get that from "All of Me".

Valerie and Zack dancing tap:

"Sing" by Ed Sheeran

Choreographed by Anthony Morigerato

Love this song, too! Perfect for a tap routine because of how the music allows for their own beats and moments to show off. OMG the stairs are making me so tired just looking at them! Mad props for getting through a routine on them. I felt like they looked a little awkward at times getting up and down the stairs, but they never once seemed to be off the beat so that really wasn't a problem with me. Fun fact, did you know Anthony Morigerato is a Guinness world record holder for most taps in one minute?? 1,163 taps in 60 seconds. Whoa.

Bridget and Stanley dancing contemporary:

"Doesn't Mean Goodbye" by Jon McLaughlin

Choreographed by Bonnie Story

I like this a lot. I think that in the beginning of the competition the dances with a lot of synchronization do better because we don't know the contestants as well so we need something to notice. They're not always going to have the chemistry they need to tell a story so it's good to be able to point out exceptional dance steps and moves. That said, I thought this couple DID have great chemistry! This dance was great because it was filled with technique and chemistry.

Jacque and Jourdan dancing ballet:

"Swan Lake" by Tchaikovsky

Choreographed by Marat Daukayev

This pairing really loves the letter U. Wow, they pirouetted for about a minute of that routine! Did they get off in the middle, though? It felt like it got a bit out of control. As much as I love Swan Lake, this kind of disappointed me. It was awesomely choreographed, but it was such a tiny glimpse that I didn't get enough connection with the dancers. Can I just say how much I loved Marat and his complete lack of emotion when introduced and praised?

JASON DERULO TIME!!! I love this song "Wiggle". I love how Snoop Dogg comes out and all I can think is "What has he been doing in the dressing room all this time? Watching the routines?" Wiggle!

Marlene and Marquette dancing samba:

"Morning Drums" by Gregor Salto

Choreographed by Louis Van Amstel

Love the green outfits! Their legs are moving so quickly, they're almost a blur! Ooooh, love the breakdown moment towards the end with it got slower and quieter. The end was a little less smooth than the beginning, but it was hot hot hot! OMG, I want her dress.

Carly and Rudy dancing contemporary:

"Take it Easy" by Jetta

Choreographed by Stacey Tookey

Rudy doesn't seem to have the best extension, but he makes up for it with every other movement he does. He seems like he is a great partner! This routine seemed more fluid than the other contemporary ones, but maybe it's the long flowy dress she is wearing (JK, it was actually great!). I really liked this one. I felt like they realllly gave it their all. So apparently Mary calls Rudy Scarlet and when she called him that, I looked up like she was talking to me. Oops!

Emilio and Teddy dancing hip hop:

"Nightshift" by The Commodores

Choreographed by Christopher Scott

Guys, I love Christopher Scott. I liked this routine a lot! It was so fluid and fun and I thought the two guys did a great job in it. I appreciated that this was a less hard-hitting routine because I felt like it allowed them to connect to the audience more.

Jessica and Ricky dancing contemporary:

"Vow" by Meredith Monk

Choreographed by Sonya T.

Loving the beginning with its quietness. Oh wow...I couldn't even type during that. That was extraordinary! It felt like we were watching a dance being performed in a cathedral by angels. Part of that comes from the music, which was so pretty, but it was also their outfits and the movement and the connection they had. SO so so so good. My favorite of the night!

Tanisha and Nick dancing cha cha:

""I'm a Freak" by Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull

Choreographed by Louis Van Amstel

Great dress on her! Love the pink and orange. They both really come alive while dancing. They both seem quite young when interviewed, but they totally pulled this off! And did you see that kiss?? (I think they're hooking up!)

So, what do you think? I thought it was a great Top 20 show and it will be hard to send two home. It always is, isn't it? I'm guessing that one of the ballerinas goes as well as maybe a hip hopper? Man, I have no idea!


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