Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day 10: Glasgow

All of our hotels in Scotland had really good breakfasts: Edinburgh was like a little restaurant tucked away in the back of the small hotel, Kirkwall was like eating in your neighbor's kitchen (but without the small talk), and our Glasgow hotel was a buffet, which was perfect for two tired travelers.

For our last full day in Scotland, we took it easy and basically planned our day around our meals. First up was breakfast and some chitchat with a lovely couple on vacation from Canada (?).

Between breakfast and lunch we did some more shopping and walking around Buchanan St.

 And then ended up at The Horseshoe Bar for lunch. It was good, hearty Scottish food served as an economical package. All served with some magic:

Even though it rained at least a little every day we were there, this was probably the most dreary of the days* and you could definitely feel the seasons changing as night was upon us the earliest of our trip.

I like to think that Scotland was sad we were leaving the next day. I know I was.

Ten days into our trip we were finally smart enough to pick a real restaurant for dinner instead of wandering around looking for a pub with food. We went to a lovely Italian place up the street for tapas and a delicious cocktail made with Pimms!

After dinner we went back to the Corner Bar near our hotel to get more of the amazing sticky toffee pudding and spiked coffee drinks, but their service SUCKED and after sitting there for 45 minutes, we gave up and left. It was pretty ridiculous.

But look who we saw!

Since we never got dessert, we went to a convenience store and picked up something there and also stocked up on Orkney oatcakes (yum!).

Saturday night in Glasgow had a special feel to it and I think we were both fine with heading back to the hotel to relax and enjoy our store-bought desserts. You could feel the energy outside as the night went on and as the street noises got louder, it definitely felt best to be snuggled in our hotel beds. Nothing felt scary in Glasgow, but it wasn't like we were looking for a wild night. Being hungover for 7+ hours on a plane is not something I want to experience!

I was pretty sad that it was our last night in Scotland. My only regret was not having more sticky toffee pudding. One more day to blog about!


*Note: I love dreary days!


Randi said...

Sounds like you had a good time. I wish I had more time to spend in Scotland than just 1.5 days!

Serena said...

Maybe it's just because I like food, but I think it's definitely a fun part of the whole experience of going to a new place.