Sunday, April 26, 2015

Red Reviews: May 2015

Let's dig in to May's fashion magazines, shall we?

12. I love the fashion, the mix of stripes and florals will always get my vote and her hair looks good, too. What I don't really like? The disappearance of her right shoulder.

11. I'm not a big fan of this type of cover. Yes, all three women are beautiful and powerful, but nothing on this cover screams at me to pick it up. That's just me, though. And how tall are SJP's heels for her to be almost as tall as Michelle Obama?

10. Not gonna lie, I love the "BEAUTY" right across her chest. If that's not attention-grabbing, I don't know what is! This is the newsstand version of Harper's Bazaar and I like it overall, but it does seem a little fuzzy. I get the subscriber issue so I can't check to see if it's just the screenshot I got. You'll see the subscriber issue farther down...

9. Similar to the Glamour cover above, this is not a fashion/beauty type of cover. Chelsea Clinton looks amazing (that hair!), but this is a pretty simple dress and pose. I ranked it higher than the other one because I appreciate that CC is on her by herself.
8. Reese Witherspoon is everywhere right now promoting her new movie with Sofia Vergara. (I'm glad RW is alone on the cover!) I LOVE feathers and even though it's a bit of blue overload, I really like this cover. Her hair looks amazing when it's wavy and she has one of the best smiles out there. Excellent!

7. I love Lucky because they're always doing something different! This is the beauty issue and they're not using the typical close-up shot. And I'm glad they're not, because I love the dress.

6. Khaleesi! This is the British Vogue, by the way. I would never wear this dress, but I love how it almost blends into her hair and the use of pink with the print is really nice. I like the sleepiness of her expression, but it still jumps out with her dark eyebrows framing her face. Love it!
5. I actually had this ranked lower until I started to write about it. At first I wasn't into her lack of expression, but now I'm really into it. With the crossed legs and arms it feels very "Oh, you caught me taking a moment away from the party. Here I am just sitting over by the window enjoying the silence." I think Carey Mulligan has perfected that little smirk that she usually has in photos and, while she doesn't have it here, I can just imagine it and somehow that works for me.
4. Blake Lively is so beautiful that even though this cover is fairly standard, it's amazing. Her hair looks amazing, her eyes are piercing, even her hands are perfect. I bow down.
3. This is the subscriber cover of Bazaar and I Love It! Kendall Jenner looks amazing (if not a little like Shailene Woodley here). I love the styling and expecially the BAZAAR over the tulle from the hat. Perfect!
2. "The Art of Beauty" is the perfect caption for this cover. Lupita Nyong'o looks incredible! And she has such joy in her eyes and smile, too. So so pretty.

1. Another perfect caption: "Beauty with Attitude". I think Charlize Theron is incredibly beautiful and she know show to command a room (or photo in this case). I gave this the #1 spot for the month of May because of the use of shadow. It stands out from the others and to even put the name of the magazine in shadow, that's awesome.   

So, do you have a favorite from May's covers? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know! Either in the comments or on twitter.

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