Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Book Boos: April

This is what I read in April!

6. THE DARK DAYS CLUB by Alison Goodman. (Audio) I am in love with this cover! Isn't it gorgeous? I think this was an example of missing a little of the essence of the story because I listened to the audio version. I enjoyed it, but I found it difficult to figure out what the point of the story was. What I mean is that I kept listening and enjoying, but I wasn't sure to where the story was going and where and what the climax was. 

5. HEARTLESS by Marissa Meyer. (ARC) Another beautiful cover. I'm totally dig the Queen of Hearts and this story of her before becoming the Queen was pretty cool. I do think I need to reread it, though. I was really into the beginning and then really into the end, but by then, my ARC was expiring and I had to read super quickly. 

4. THE NEST by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney. This was like a less funny Liane Moriarty book where the stories of several people all come together. A little different here because it's the story of a family so, of course, they fit in together, but their dysfunctions were pretty entertaining. Also, another stunning cover. April was the month for beautiful covers!
3. SIX OF CROWS by Leigh Bardugho. (Print/Audio) Putting this in the 3rd spot is a tough one. I am obsessed with this cover and the characters and the story, but it was up against some tough competition this month. Sometimes I think about this book and I just get distracted loving on the cover. True story. 

2. AT THE EDGE OF SUMMER by Jessica Brockmole. (ARC) I LOVE Brockmole's books and her writing style. She tells beautiful stories, often through letter form, that take place in the near past. Her writing really comes alive on the page because she paints such a beautiful picture for the reader. Her books make you cry, but they also make you happy. They're so lovely! 

1. CAPTIVE PRINCE by C. S. Pacat. I added this book to my "To Be Read" list when Sarah J. Maas was in Australia on her book tour and raved about Pacat and her book. I ordered all three later when Maas finished book three and raved about the series. I remember her saying how it was for "mature audiences!!!!" which also piqued my interest. So, yes, this book is hardcore with the sex and the violence, at times, but it has some of the best world-building and plot construction that I've ever read! It was totally outside of my normal reading niche, but I am SO glad I read it and I hope you will, too!

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