Friday, December 23, 2005

Que Shiraz

I got my blogger sign in name from one of my favorite bands, Hey Mercedes who are now, unfortunately, no more. I heard them the first time when I went to the 9:30 Club in DC to see Jimmy Eat World and left that night with a bigger love for JEW, and Hey Mercedes' 4 song EP which I practically wore out. Over the years I've seen them more times than I can keep track of and have every song they've ever done ingrained in my mind. Bob Nanna is the hottest of the hott and his lyrics are so much fun ("smiling like New Jersey on it's side," "haven't been this happy in minutes," etc.) They are also an incredicly nice bunch of guys who knew what it was like to be so into a band and they always took the time to chat after a show or get the set list to give to the girl who just took 432890 pictures from front/center.

Bob Nanna loves wine (as I've gathered;) and that's where Que Shiraz comes from. It's an awesome song....if anyone wants a Best Of...mix of Hey Mercedes just leave a comment. I will be MORE than happy to make one!


Anonymous said...

I'll have a best of. Shall I remind you?


Miss Scarlet said...

Ummmm, I want to say I will remember but you should probably remind me. The problem is remembering to bring it with me:)

playfulinnc said...

Hey, thanks for the link! You have guessed that my title comes from Postal Service? Unfortunately, much like HM, they are no more.

Happy Holidays~

Serena said...

I love that you just emailed Bob Nanna and can still email him and have him remember you.

Miss Scarlet said...

He's so nice. (and hott) but really really nice!

and playfulindc, are they never ever releasing anything? that makes me sad.

Tim said...

i am a fan of all of the different projects bn has been a part of. just curious, what would your 'best of' mix look like?