Sunday, February 24, 2008


Heidi Klum and Seal- They annoy me. Her voice annoys me. The red dress is pretty. The hair leaves something to be desired...

George Clooney- Is hott. And lucky because he just gets hotter and hotter. I always wonder what someone like Heidi Klum will be like in about 15 years. Will we even know who she is then? Do we care? Bad example. George Clooney is so charming. I love that about him. I also like that he makes jokes and isn't afraid of being a little un-pc.

Patrick Dempsey- Is McHott.

Anne Hathaway- I like her dress. Love red and it looks great with her hair and complexion. BUT, try to look more natural. I know you have to pose for the cameras, but maybe practice in front of the mirror. (Am I channeling Tyra?!) Note: She's redeeming herself in her E! interview. Good job, Anne.

Saiurse Ronan- I had wanted to see Atonement before the Oscars, but never got around to it. I will, though! She came with her dad-that's adorable. Her hair is a bit severe. Aw, she's cute, though.

James McAvoy- "He's a Scot." Yeah, I know! Yum! Oh he's such a cutie. And that accent. I'm a sucker.

Kelly Preston- I love love love the color of her dress. Such a hott yellow.

Miley Cyrus- Love her!!!! Gorgeous dress.

Jennifer Garner- I love how she runs from the umbrella. Haha. She rules. OMG and Gary Busey is drunk and hugging her. "That was nice." "Where is Ben?" (Exactly, WHERE IS HE I LOVE HIM!) Her dress is pretty. She can do no wrong in my mind. Pretty hair, too.

Jessica Alba- *snore* I don't care that she's pregnant. She's boring. I do like the color of her dress, though. I also like the braids in her hair.

Amy Adams- I haven't seen Enchanted. I like the color of her dress, but am not sure about the cut up top. I also think she should have done something a bit more daring, but that's just me...otherwise people are going to keep asking her about The Office.

Kristin Chenowith- DoNotCare

Keri Russell- Ali loves her so I do, too. I've forgiven her for cutting her hair and even though I haven't seen August Rush (but will because I love JRM) I loved Waitress. Oh, and Felicity.

Jennifer Hudson- Go away. Thanks.

Cameron Diaz- Pretty hair and dress. She always looks good and to be honest, I am never sure if I like her or not. She dated Mr. JT so props for that.

Hilary Swank- Vom. Can't stand her.

Katherine Heigl- Love red, but I am not a fan of the hair. I'm also still annoyed she said Knocked Up was sexist.

Renee Zellweger- EAT. Also, bad hair. Really bad.

Cate Blanchett- I love her! Great dress. She can do no wrong, also.


Anonymous said...

No comment on Daniel Day-Lewis's wife's dress? She looked HIDEOUS. Even Tilda Swinton looked better than her. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

PS - Check out my blog to see a picture of his wife.

Ant said...


I liked Cate too. Beautiful majestic lady...

Cheryl said...

I think Rene Zellweger looks like a sharpe that just ate a lemon.

I love Cate Blanchett though. She rocks.

Miss Scarlet said...

Randi- I didn't comment on her bc she is boring, haha.

Ant- I definitely don't like some of them:)

Cheryl- Starting to have a consensus on Cate, haha.

minijonb said...

I lurve Anne Hathaway! ...and I want to vote Heidi Klum off Project Runway.