Friday, February 08, 2008


OK, so Saturday night is planned and Friday night is on it's way, but what about the rest of the week leading up until my birthday? It's not just a BirthDAY, but a BirthWEEK!

Sunday 10 Feb: Probably just relaxing before a BIG week. Maybe I'll do some laundry.
Monday 11 Feb:
Tuesday 12 Feb:
Wednesday 13 Feb:
Thursday 14 Feb: Valentine's Day. Everyone will tell me they love me. I will also have candy hearts to give out. I love those.
Friday 15 Feb: cupcakes at work and going out that night.
Saturday 16 Feb: Thai and a bar. And I'll be the princess all effing night.

SUNDAY 17 Feb!!!!!!!!! The Big Day!!!!

Okay, but as you can see, I have nothing planned for some of those days. Help! What are some fun, little things we can do? Have you seen that Gilmore Girls episode when it's Lorelai's birthday and leading up to the party with the World's Biggest Pizza they do fun things like Double Feature Tuesday and other fun, random things? That's what I'm thinking. Mainly just fun things to lead up to the extra special weekend.



Serena said...

Well, Tuesday is the master class in Japanese hip hop if you're game. hahahahahaha. We could be Hok. Or a Rock Band evening where we see Brendan suck at faux guitar. haha.

Miss Scarlet said...

Oh Oh! What time is the Japanese class? Can we potentially make Rock Band one of the nights? Need to check schedules:)

Stephanie said...

Have so much fun your birthday week - I LOVE birthday celebrations!

Cheryl said...

A birthday week is an awesome idea. Have a movie night. Bowling? Mani/pedis?