Saturday, February 23, 2008

Racing Like A Pro

I haven't really blogged in awhile. I don't even have the crappy laptop/internet excuse anymore. I guess it's because lately life has been super busy and I kept thinking I needed to get everything into a nice, neat paragraph when really I should have done bullets all along. In list form is always better...

  • Someone at work the other day said we should have a "Women's History Month" display. I refrained from asking when Men's History Month is for fear of the typical "that's every month" response, but I did accidentally say out loud, "just don't put any feminist books on there." Well, one of the older women sort of freaked out and it was too early in the morning to explain what I meant. I just think it's a fall back to put up Betty Friedan books when a better display would involve books and works by really good authors who just happen to be female. AND the display should have cookbooks, and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and books about chicks doing things typically thought to be for males only. Wouldn't that be a better display?
  • I am going to try to be more positive about spring. I still love winter above any other season, but since I am in the minority, I am going to try to find things to be okay with these warmer months. One thing I can't put up with are allergies, which is the main reason I don't like spring. But I do know I am one of the few who get more energized when it is cold and dreary out so I look forward* to it warming up because everyone will be getting out of their winter hibernation moods.
  • Why is Drew Barrymore on Vogue?
  • Why do people buy the following: K.D. Lang, Sarah Brightman, Amy Whinehouse, Chris Botti??
  • So the Oscars are on tomorrow. I just hope No Country For Old Men and Javier B. win.
  • And why is Tori Spelling on People!? Slow week? Is it 1991?? She could be pregnant with triplets and I wouldn't care.
  • I have a spy operation planned for work. It began the other day. I will give more details when I can.


*Do you know how difficult it was for me to say that?

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Cheryl said...

That WOULD be a much better display. Celebrate all facets of female-dom.

Javier B is so going to win...