Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cruise Control

So I haven't blogged in forever. I think it's because once I get here, there's just too much to say. So, to remedy that, I am going to do...bullet form!

  • I got the estimate for my car today. $3800! WOW! Thank goodness it wasn't my fault.
  • I got my rental car last night. Dodge Stratus. It's silver (I think...actually, earlier today, when I left the bank, I got confused because I didn't see my bright blue car) and has Maryland tags so now I can be a bad driver* and no one will think twice.
  • My mom and I went to Leesburg tonight to visit my grandmother in the nursing home and then out for Mexican with my granddad and uncle. Before getting to the nursing home, my mom and I made pit stops at the jewelry store and the ABC store-I can be sure now that she is my biological mother.
  • Just kidding, we look alike. Even though I'm way taller than her now. Especially when I wear heels.
  • The men at the Mexican restaurant stared at me...not exaggerating. My hair did look really good today, maybe that was it. Or my control over the 1/2 priced margaritas! Ole!
  • I had one of my out of control sneezing days yesterday. I used a box and a half of tissues. That's 150 tissues! That's a lot of tissues! And I even took two Claritin, wtf!? But what angered me even more than the incessant sneezing, were the people who kept giving me advice like I was sick. "Drink OJ!" "Have some tea, dear." "You need to rest." I WAS NOT SICK! I never get sick. I literally can not remember the last time I got sick. It was at least a year ago. So acting like I am a wussy, sick baby makes me angry. And today? I am fine. See! Not. Sick.
  • I got the Mariah Carey CD for my mom and I to listen to on the hour long ride to Leesburg. We totally jammed to that shite. She loved it. My mom rules.
  • ANTM should have kicked off Fatima. Can't stand that biatch. I would be happy with any of the following winning: Lauren, Anya, Kat. I'd even be okay with Whitney winning, but only if she stops talking about changing the modeling world.
That is all.


*Note: I'm not a bad driver. I'm an excellent driver...what I mean, is that I can pretend to be a bad driver for a week.

+Title from Mariah Carey


GreenCanary said...

Dude! Today is MY sneezing day! I've already gone through an entire box of tissues and Fatima? I'm right there with you on that one. Crikies. I was ready to stick my foot through the TV and kick her off myself. Although I'm happy that Stacy Ann is gone... If she said, "Oh my gaaaaawd, that is, like sooooooo great," in that whiney-ass voice of hers, I was going to do something awful.

Cheryl said...

My thoughts on Fatima: Has she never seen the show before? Hello! They always go overseas dearie. I mean if she isn't prepared for that, how could she be prepared to go-sees and fashion shows and what-not. This season's girls are so...blah.


randi said...

I can't believe people still watch America's Next Top Model. I'm sooooo over that show, and Tyra Banks.

Ant said...

Maryland drivers are bad?

Well yep I suppose my taxi from the airport was a little hair-raising...

I'm notoriously cruel when it comes to the out-of-control sneezing. My brother-in-law has something similar, and I usually serenade him with something like "thar she blows!" when he kicks off.

Can't wait till tomorrow! :-)