Thursday, April 24, 2008

Type Slowly

More Lists Or You Won't Get Anything:

  • I tried to blog some pictures earlier, but it wouldn't work and I wasn't about to sit there and try for the 4th time. Go look at my flickr.
  • People who steal shit suck at life. Unless you're Winona Ryder because I really liked Little Women and Edward Scissorhands.
  • I kind of want to read Chelsea Handler's new book.
  • Anyone agree that Grey's Anatomy is going for the gross out award? I didn't really like the contest.
  • My TiVo didn't get America's Next Top Model last night so I watched parts of it on YouTube today while at Pantera uploading pics. I won't spoil it for people who haven't seen it, but I wasn't happy with the decision.
  • 48 Hour Film Project in DC is quickly approaching...anyone else participating?
  • I almost bought a yellow shirt yesterday. SO unlike me.
  • I had a weird/funny dream last night.
  • I bought Zyrtec today since what I had been taking wasn't doing it's job. We shall see.
  • The mind is a terrible thing.
  • My car is being towed tomorrow to get fixed. My rental car gets 24 miles to the gallon-UGH! My car is much better and I miss it.


GreenCanary said...

Love the lovely Zyrtec! Just take it in the morning, because I find that it gives me some punk-ass crazy dreams. (Granted, that's because it mixes with my other medication, but still... Stay on the safe side, chickie-monkey.)

Ant said...

I can't wait to see this year's film project - got any titles or subject themes yet?

Anne Bradshaw said...

What's Zyrtec??

Cheryl said...

do you know they replay ANTM on Sundays? Just in case you miss it...
Lists are good things.

GreenCanary said...

anne bradshaw - Allergy medication :-)

Marissa said...

grey's is DEFINITELY going for gross out award!! i hate that. i love the show (minus meredith), but i hate the gross out factor.