Sunday, April 20, 2008


It's funny when people ask, "How did you meet?" and you have to say, "Online", because, for me, inevitably, the next thing out of my mouth is, "But not in a weird way!"

So yeah, I met Ant yesterday, which was super awesome. I think he may now hold the title of "The First International Blogger I Have Ever Met"...and really, when I think about it, he might also hold the title of "The First Person* I Have Met From Across The Atlantic Who Was Not A Foreign Exchange Student At My School" which may be even more impressive. I hope he is excited to hold both of these titles.

I think he had a good time (?). I know Ali, Serena, and I did. After meeting at the train station we headed over to the monuments for the obligatory touristy stuff. Luckily, we were all in agreement to do nothing that involved a line** and after taking pictures of the ducks and monuments, we decided to go get lunch.

Ali's suggestion of Gallery Place was a good one and she led us to a restaurant she knows, which turned out to be quite tasty. This is also about when the pollen decided to attack me. I. Hate. Pollen. But you know what makes one forget about allergies? Beer. Lots of it.

So we went to a bar. Fado's, which is just down the street. We introduced Ant to the wonders of the Long Island Iced Tea and PA's own, Yuengling***. Sitting around chatting and drinking turned out to be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the day had to end since he was headed back north at 5pm.

I did promise to compile the list of words and phrases for him to take from us back to Scotland. I fully expect to arrive in Scotland next May with Ali and hear these words as I step off the plane:

zip zoom



beep boop

bing bong****

He taught us quite a few of his own phrases from Scotland, but I can only remember "Loch*spit*". Oh, and pal.



*Bands don't count.
**What are people standing in line for at the Archives anyway?
***Although I still maintain that was either not Yuengling or it was the "bottom of the keg" because it tasted weird.
****Wouldn't want to hear that when getting off the plane. That would just be weird!


Ant said...

What's with the question mark - I had a great time! :-) You ladies were excellent hostesses and I'm honoured to have those titles...

"Nae borra!" is the other Scottish one you need to get practising for next year. And you realise now that "bing bong" is the probably the only thing I'll remember to say... :-p

Fab day out!

Serena said...

I had a ton of fun! Thanks for letting me come along :-)

GreenCanary said...
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GreenCanary said...

Are you the red head? HOW STINKIN' CUTE ARE YOU?! I could just fold you up and put you in my pocket.

Marissa said...

so much fun! i love meeting people from the blog. it's like meeting your pen-pal!

Miss Scarlet said...

pen pals! That's the best.

Ant said...

Pen pals - haha! A digital version maybe - but that's exactly what it is...