Sunday, September 21, 2008


It's been a busy weekend...I mean past five days. I'm a rock star:

  • I went to happy hour with S from work on Wednesday and Serena and S's boyfriend also joined us. I had three beers (I think).
  • I was at happy hour for so long that I decided to hang out so I could go out with B after he was off of work.
  • Thursday was a day off for me and after sleeping in and hanging out at home, I went to finally see Batman with B. I liked it A LOT, of course. After the movie we went to Glory Days Holes where we had a really funny waiter- "READY!?" "MEDIUM!?" "CHECK!?"
  • Friday was typical for me where I worked 9-5:30 and then had a panic attack* about not being able to go home, but not being sure what I would be doing. It ended up being okay because B and I went to Fridays to make our plan of attack for the evening and it turned out to be pretty cray cray.
  • After hanging out at Fridays for awhile we went to Hard Times for a drink and then went to Auld Shabeen's to 'crash' a bachelor party someone had told us about. That turned out to be pretty insane because I was the only girl there with about six guys who were drinking a lot. And I had been drinking a lot. I was a lady, of course, but B did have to save me at the end of the evening. (And not from myself...ifyouknowwhatImean.)
  • Saturday was rrrrough as i was going on about two hours of sleep so I just came home after work and recharged.
  • Today I had planned on relaxing and watching the Redskins play, but I ended up having to go get a new tire put on my car. I was told I had risked it for long enough. Having to do car errands ranks high on my list of "Worst Things Ever" and today was no exception-I had to wait three hours!
  • I was okay for awhile...I really wanted to watch the game so i went to the closest place playing it that wasn't a residence: Applebeas.
  • Applebeas are weird. I am not a fan of them.
  • I am also not a fan of sitting at bars alone, but I did it. It helped that I think I looked kind of snobby**, so no one really bothered me....well, until I was about to pay and a man across the bar offered to buy me a drink. Sweet...and awkward...but I was glad I was already paying and could get out of there.
  • After that excitement, I headed north to meet up with B and J to go to a trial run for the new Blue Ridge Grill in Brambleton. Whoa was that good! We got two appetizers, entrees, two desserts, and three alcoholic drinks each...for free! I highly recommend that place. It was wicked good. We were stuffed when we left, though.
And that brings us to now...and I'm about to hit the hay!


*not really
**I was one of the few chicks there without frosted, feathered hair. No lie.


Serena said...

Lots of time spent with someone with the initial 'B'. Hmmm. haha.

mijoy said...

where are you getting all this money to go out??? do you have a secret lifestyle I dont know about?

Miss Scarlet said...

Mijoy- Dude, happy hour beer is $2!