Sunday, September 28, 2008


These are the shows I'm trying to keep up with this season:
  • Dexter- Just watched the season premiere. Am beyond excited to finally have Showtime!
  • Californication- I've only seen a couple from Season One, so I still need to watch those at a friend's, but this show is raunchy and awesome.
  • Fringe- Love Pacey and JJ Abrams. I'm already behind, though, as I haven't watched this week's episode.
  • The Hills- Duh!
  • Mad Men- I love this show, but I'm behind on it, too.
  • The Amazing Race- It's never been as good as when Rob and Amber competed.
  • 90210- Eh, it kinda sucks. I want to like it, but the girls on it are SO annoying. We'll see if I keep watching.
  • Gossip Girl- Chuck and Blair are the new Seth and Summer.
  • True Blood- But only if my TiVo gets smart enough to tape the repeats that come on when Dexter is not on.
  • America's Next Top Model- Especially now that stupid Isis is gone. Smile with your eyes.
  • Greys Anatomy- It was good the other night. I liked that military guy. He was fun.
There's no way I'll keep up with all of these shows. No way.



Serena said...

Our lists don't overlap much, but that's to be expected considering I'm cableless. hahaha.

Loved Grey's and Yang's hott kiss with the military yum yum.

The new Seth & Summer? Maybe a dirtier version. Haha.

Courtney said...

awesome. I need to find the Dex premier and soon. Californication is in my queue. Good huh?

Randi said...

I can't believe you watch the Hills.... ugh! It's soooooooooo fake!!!!!

Marissa said...

Im obsessed with Gossip Girl and The Fringe. It's my first year watching GG, but I'm hooked. Fringe is incredible!