Tuesday, September 09, 2008


The US Open is sort of like heaven for me. It's two weeks of amazing tennis that I can never get enough of. I watch like it's my job. In college, it practically was my job! This year was no different. I was in it from the start and with some key days off from work, I watched more tennis than is probably recommended.

Saturday night's final between the women was postponed a day because of the hurricane and, in effect, the men's final was pushed back a day, Monday. Yesterday.

I left work at 530pm, ready to take my time getting home and settled for what I thought would be a 9pm final between Andy Murray (my favorite) and Roger Federer (The favorite). Well, praise Allah for Brendan because he texted me with the information that the final was on THEN and he was taping it for me. OMG. Getting to his house was a blur and I got from work to in front of his TV in record time.

Oh, and his TV? High definition, baby. We took turns wiping the sweat from the players' brows. I've never seen a picture so crisp and even though we accidentally skipped about 8 games of the final, it was an awesome match! I, of course, turned it into a drinking game:

-when Roger Federer shakes his hair out of his face...drink!
-when someone double faults...drink!
-when someone challenges a call...drink!

Once my boy Andy went down 5-0 in the third set we changed the rules a little:

-whenever someone hits the ball...drink!
-whenever the crowd claps...drink!

I was sad that Murray didn't win, but he had a great run and I am just glad I didn't miss the final. Whew! Close call!



Randi said...

So which one of you got drunk?

Miss Scarlet said...

Ummm, neither, really....I hadn't eaten anything so I was kinda silly:) but that may have been from my extreme excitement from watching the final.

speener said...

Have you ever gone? Every year I want to go to one of the mid week, early round, late day games and have you to do so. The Blake match (I can't remember who he was playing) would have been the one to go to.

Marissa said...

My mom used to go every year. Ive never been, but I really should seeing as how I live here!