Saturday, December 13, 2008

Be Somebody

Yesterday, towards the beginning of my day at work, I encountered somebody who was being extremely pessimistic. Later in the day, while on a break, I was around a few people who were being loud and obnoxious. They were speaking just to seemingly hear their own voices.

I realized that I do not want to be like these people (and am not).

There are many things I complain about (hot weather, green peppers in food, Ugly Betty, people who talk too slowly, etc.), but there are a bazillion more cases where I take the optimistic route. People who complain about everything are a good reminder to not be like that.

There are also times when I am loud. I talk a lot more than I used to, but I still keep it quick and (sort of) relevant. I take a cue from the people who irritate the hell out of me to not bore others while I'm talking. You know, don't speak and just wait for your turn. Don't tell boring stories*. Don't be super loud around other people unless you are in a setting where it is appropriate (i.e. earthquake, rock concert**, large party).

So, in conclusion***, I am keeping these annoying characteristics in mind so I do not fall into their traps. In addition to the ways I try to be (patient, deliberate, fun, respectful, classy, polite, etc.), I will also try not to be pessimistic, loud, and obnoxious****.


*Hahaha, I tell terrible I often just do not.
**Although, don't talk during the songs. WTF is wrong with you people? I came to hear the band!
***I loved it in school when teachers would sigh and say, "And please don't start your conclusion part of your paper with "So in conclusion..." hahhahha!
****Honestly, though, it shouldn't be difficult:)


Cheryl said...

green peppers in food. Are you ok with them on their own then?

Marissa said...

it's good to be in check of these things. I try to do the same. I see what bugs me in others, and try not do the same thing!

Serena said...

It's interesting how we learn what we do and do not want to be from others.

Randi said...

Well, if people didn't do these things, we wouldn't have nothing to talk about!

Obviously whoever was doing this talking, you apparently don't like them.

Miss Scarlet said...

Cheryl- I don't really like them on their own. I never like them cooked, but I've had them a couple times raw and alone when it was ok. I just hate how their taste permeates everything!

marissa- It's good to keep things in mind.

Serena- Very, very interesting.

Randi- Haha, the loud obnoxious people are definitely not high on my list of people i want around. some pessimistic people are just like that by nature so i forgive that a little more. at least those people can still be fun.