Saturday, December 27, 2008


So as is the case with much of the world right now, the past couple of weeks have been jam packed with stuff to do! Here is a run down of what I have been up to:

+ Randi was gracious enough to host a holiday pot luck for us all on the 19th. I had worked all day and had to get back to work the next so I made a semi-early exit, but i had a ton of fun! Lots of people were there and her apartment turned Mary Poppins-esque fitting all of those people. I took bruschetta and crustinos. Oh and Yuengling.

+ Saturday the 20th was Ali's 22nd birthday! I worked all day (and boy was it crowded!) and then met up with her, Nathaniel, and Amira at P.F. Changs. What an awesome birthday dinner! Ali got scallops and shared (*love*) and we also had Tsaoting! (sp?) Our waiter was a hit, too, as he entertained us every time he came by.

+ Post dinner we headed to Hard Times for the drinking portion of the evening. You know when you get the perfect number of people together? Well, we did that. We pushed two tables together, got Ali in the middle and ordered. It was a lot of fun and I think she had a great time. We stalked the jukebox to request the first 13 songs as soon as the football game was over. Happy Birthday, Ali!!!!!

+ Christmas Eve I worked and then we all decided to head over for a drink after work. We ended up having a ton of fun and it was a slightly random group. I, as is expected, got way too tired so put off driving by watching Beautiful Girls with a friend and rang in* Christmas at midnight by dozing off after saying "Merry Christmas."

+ Do not fret, though, it was early and I got home before Santa came. Christmas was a lot of fun! For the first time in forever Ali and I stayed home the entire day. My parents went to visit the grandparents and Ali and I watched Burn After Reading and then way too many episodes of 17 Kids And Counting-those MFers are crazy and it's not for having that many kids.

+ Santa was kind to me, as always, and I was excited about the gifts I gave, too. My mom has been like a 10 year old with the iPod shuffle I gave her and I warned my dad I might steal the Chris Cooley pennant I gave him.

+ In other news, I'm watching a friends cat, which yes, should strike you as weird since I hate cats. Luckily, it's on my way to work and the cat likes to hide.

+ I finally saw Casino Royale last night and I really liked it. I never knew it had actual spy stuff in it. However, I can no longer say I've never seen a Bond movie.


*Can you ring in Christmas??

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Randi said...

You are just now seeing Casino Royale??? Oh man. It was great, wasn't it???