Friday, January 02, 2009

When It Started

I'll have to recap the past few days in at least a few parts or it will never get done. My brother got married on New Years Eve in Richmond, VA and the festivities and time surrounding it were just perfect.

To start with: the hotel.

We stayed at the Linden Row Inn at 1st and Franklin, which is walking distance from my brother and his wife's* store. This historic inn might just be my new favorite hotel, even beating out The Jefferson, which has the Gone With The Wind stairs. Maybe it was the excitement in the air because of the wedding, but even just hanging out seemed special. Our door opened up into a courtyard-like area with wrought-iron tables and chairs where it felt like we were in another time. We joked our horse would be tied up out front for us. Our room was cozy, but comfortable and even though the fireplace was just for show, it added to the ambiance.

I love love love hotels. I love almost everything about them** and am always excited to stay in one. This one was stellar and I hope to stay there again sometime. Two nights was just not enough.


**Have you ever noticed how hotel bathrooms always get steamy? I hate that!


mijoy said...

they get steamy b/c they almost always never have exhaust fans -- and the fact that they are always really small.

Marissa said...

Happy New Year!

Cheryl said...

I love hotels too. Well, except I don't like the bedspreads cause they are dirty. But I like hotels.