Monday, January 05, 2009

Come Together

After checking into the hotel and unpacking, Ali and Bear came over to have a drink before the rehearsal dinner. Since I had pretty much had nothing to eat all day, I got feathered* and pretty quickly. Heading to the restaurant we had no idea what to expect, except that 36 people would be there. Seeing as how this could turn out to be completely uncomfortable and/or terrifying, we headed in carefully.

What greeted us what better than anyone could have imagined. The four of us walked into a side room reserved for our party that had several large round tables and then a row of booths. We headed to the last booth where we could have fun, but not be in the midst of the crazy family-ness. We love our family, but we also wanted to be able to let loose and have our own conversations.

The rehearsal dinner was held at Tarrants on Broad Street in Richmond. I had never been there, but would now highly recommend it. From our prearranged menu, we got to choose among Filet mignon, seafood combo, and a chicken dish. I got the seafood while the other three at my table chose the filet. Before our food came we ordered drinks. Every person was allotted one drink, but since we're VIP our "daddy"** told the waitress to take care of us. It was amazing- we looked over and our dad was pointing out our table and telling the waitress to get us whatever we wanted. Those were some gooood gin and tonics.***

Dinner was amazing and even though we had chosen a table on the outskirts, we still did our share of visiting other tables and hosting others to ours. Dessert consisted of coconut something (ha!), warm apple pie (?), and ice cream. Honestly, by this point in the evening I was stuffed and re-feathered so it's difficult to remember. It was all very good, though. Get the coconut one if you go to Tarrants.

Post dinner we changed and headed to our uncle's room. All through dinner he had told us, "SHOTS IN OUR ROOM!" and we are not a group to say no to shots. $100 tequila shots and a beer later and we left to go to Penny Lane Pub down the street. I used to go to Penny Lane when I lived in Richmond so it was interesting to go back. Ali and Bear stayed for just a beer, but B and I almost closed the place down and made friends. Delerium was had, pictures were taken, and I got into an argument about Christian music****. We got back to the hotel after 2am and after a few rounds of Texas Hold 'Em, we hit the hay to be prepared for the next day.


*Jobeth's mom says she's "getting feathered" when she starts to feel her alcohol. It's cute.
**"Daddy" was our silly nickname we gave him for the evening since he was paying and hooked us up.
***Soon to become a theme.
****I say it shouldn't be a genre. Gospel is a type of musical sound, but Christian shouldn't be a sound, it's just a subject matter.

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Rosemarie said...

Family-ness-full nights are the best!

My 3 cousins and I are exactly the same when we're all together!

They are great-times-had!