Sunday, January 11, 2009


And The Winners Are:

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama: YAY! KATE WINSLET! I love her. And wam bam thank you mam in regards to getting this show started! Her dress is gorgeous. She's a classy broad. Sidenote: I haven't seen this movie, but reallllly want to.

Best Original Song- Motion Picture: I want Beyonce to win! I guess Bruce Springsteen can win. Am glad it wasn't Miley Cyrus.

Best Supporting Actor For TV Stuff: COME ON NPH!!!!! I love How I Met Your Mother. Oh I am so disappointed. Neil Patrick Harris needs to win one year.

Best Supporting Actress In TV Stuff: Melissa George was on Alias so I'm okay with her. Otherwise, I don't care who wins. OK, it's Laura Dern. Boo for the political talk, but I guess I'll forgive it since her movie was about that:)

***Burn After Reading! YAY! I liked this one. I love the CIA guys when they're reviewing the case.

Best Actor In A TV Series: Dexter-YES COME ON! I know Lisa wants Jon Hamm to win. Oh man and Ali would want House. Tough category! Jonathyn Rhys Meyers, too!? Good Lord can we have a tie? WTF GABRIEL BYRNE?! I DON'T CARE ABOUT HIM!!!!!

Best Actress In TV Series Drama: Sally Field forgot to dress up? January Jones! Yay! ANNA PAQUIN! YES! Kyra Sedgwick=boring. Law And Order SVU= even more boring. YES ANNA PAQUIN!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!

I love Ricky Gervais.

Jay Z!

***Happy Go Lucky- No idea about this one.

Why are the Jonas Brothers there? If they mention their chastity rings, I'm turning the TV off. I only wish Taylor Swift was there.

Best Animated Feature: Don't really care. Wall e won. *snore* Although now I feel bad because the guy accepting is so happy.

Johnny Depp? Oh hello, love.

Best Actress In Comedy, Musical, Something Else, Etc.: If Meryl Streep wins I'm going to be so angry. Whew! Close call. Seriously, you can't award someone for making a musical of ABBA songs. Terr...ible!

I wish they could just do a blanket thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press. That would shorten the show considerably.

***The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button- Top 5 Brad Pitt film ever. Very high on my all-time list. <3

I'm excited they're making Grey Gardens, but also a little terrified.

Best Miniseries/Picture For TV: Oh come on, P Diddy! I wasn't even going to cover this one, but he's a baller. John Adams won. I feel like this should have been up for the award last year.

Best Supporting Actor: I love that Tropic Thunder has two nominees. I loved The Duchess, though. Awwww Heath Ledger. He better win. How awkward to accept if someone else wins. Yay! Oh man, I'm gonna tear up. And how appropriate to show a clip. Very nice.

***Frost/Nixon- To be honest, I didn't think this was supposed to be a good movie. After seeing a trailer, though, I do want to see it.

Colin Farrel and I would drink so much beer before sleeping together.

Best Foreign Language Film:
Like I've seen any of these. I hope the Israeli film wins. They need something good going on for them. YAY I so called it. Wow, I'm good. Waltz With Bashir. This guy's accent is sorta hott.

Best Actress In Miniseries/Etc: Laura Linney. I hadn't seen any of the nominated things. Also, my internet stalled so not much commentary on this one. NEXT!

***In Bruges- I want to see this.

Best Screenplay: This is the award I will win one day. COME ON CURIOUS CASE!!!!! Slumdog Millionaire won, though.

Best Actor In A TV Series, Beep Boop, Bop: CALIFORNICATION!!!!! Boooo Alec Baldwin. He's cool and all, but he's no David Duchovny on CA. And I don't want to hear youknowwho talk about 30 Rock. Sidenote: Tracey Morgan did stand up at my college and people could not handle his wang jokes. It was hilarious.

Renee Zellwegger is one of the oddest stars there is. I think she takes a cocktail of downers and Ritalin or something before these things.

***The Reader- I sooo want to see this!!!!

Best Actor In Miniseries, etc: I want Ralph Fiennes to win, please. Let's's-Paul Giamatti. Big surprise.

Best TV Series Musical (?) or Comedy: Californication is such a great show. OH GOD WHY 30 ROCK? Now they're going to talk about it at work:(

***Mamma Mia- brb, I'm vomiting.

Best Soundtrack: I think it's cool Clint Eastwood composed the music for Changeling, but I think I want Slumdog Millionaire to win...and I called it!

Best Actress In TV, Etc.: PLEASE NO MORE NOMINATIONS FOR UGLY BETTY! Tina Fey-who didn't call that one? At least when she wins, her acceptance speech is funny.

Cecil B. award goes to Steven Speilberg. Dawson Leery would be so happy.

Why are all the Hollywood men so short? WHY? And is Emma Thompson drunk? Or just British?

Best Director Motion Picture: Duh, I want Benjamin Button. I read that Ron Howard will win because everyone loves Opie-hahha! Hank Azaria, I mean Danny Boyle won for Slumdog Millionaire.

***Revolutionary Road- Yes, please. I <3 them.

Best Actor In Comedy, Etc: Colin Farrel. Cheers! Haha great acceptance speech. Probably would have been boring without an accent.

***Vicky Cristina Barcelona- Haven't seen this.


Best Motion Picture Musica/Comedy: Again, why Mamma Mia? NOOOOO!!!!! Better not win...Goes to: Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Whew.

***Slumdog Millionaire- I want to see it.

I love Cameron Diaz's dress. She annoys me sometimes, but I think she always looks so great.

Best Actress: I want either Angelina Jolie or Kate Winslet. OMG KATE GOT TWO! That's so cute. If she doesn't get an Oscar, it will be a travesty.

Best TV Drama: I can't pick which one I want to win...Mad Men won! Lisa will be sooo happy. I'm so into True Blood right now, though. Mad Men is awesome, though. Woop!!

Best Actor: OH COME ON!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! This is ridiculous. Brad was robbed.

Best Motion Picture Drama: Slumdog Millionaire. At this point, I'd rather be asleep. Sure, I want to see it, but is Brad Pitt in it? NO. And really, I'm not rooting for Benjamin Button just because BP is in it, but because I really really liked it.



Cheryl said...

Oy. If Miley Cyrus had won, I swear! I wanted NPH to win too. Sigh.

Unknown said...

It's like I was there :-)

Ant said...

Wot Serena said! :-)

I think you should set up your own commentary show on this...

Anonymous said...

Gabriel Byrne ROCKS. End of story. I can't believe you don't care about him!

Thanks for the well wishes about school.

Marissa said...

What a great roundup you have here! I watched it, too. My favorite part is seeing the dresses!

Anonymous said...

Have you even seen The Wrestler? You can't say Brad was robbed if you haven't.

Miss Scarlet said...

Cheryl- I think more people need to watch How I Met Your Mother.

Serena- Hahaha, i didn't mean to blog like that, but I knew no one would want to read that many twitters. *cough*

Ant- I should work for E!

Randi- Yes, he's awesome, but he's not on a show I watch.

Marissa- Me,too. They're so gorgeous.

Mike- No, I haven't. I will one day. Someone said to me, though, "He deserves it...he's been in a lot of good movies." Ummm, I hate that argument. It's about THAT performance. And you can't say Brad Pitt was not good in his...I'm sure all the male leads were great so it makes sense for me to cheer for my favorite.