Sunday, January 11, 2009

Celebrity Skin

I'm not "live-blogging" or anything, but I keep having comments to make about the Golden Globes:

+ My star crushes are being reignited: Leonardo Dicaprio, Stephen Moyer, Colin Farrel (for hot sex in an alternate reality where he has not been a man whore.), etc.

+ People annoying me: Miley Cyrus (pretty dress, though. Just don't talk. And why is Miley's mom trying to show so much leg? Wow.) Evan Rachel Wood (eat.), etc.

+ Brad Pitt better win.

+Meryl Streep better not win!

+ Okay, I <3 True Blood and Anna Paquin, but I just had to wikipedia her to see where she's from. She's is she just doing the accent to not confuse fans of the show??

+ OMG AMERICA FERRERA GO AWAY!!!!!! I hate Ugly Betty.

+ I love the fashion. I really like the choices this year.

+ 7:32pm when I spotted Brad Pitt. *Swoon*

+ Kate Winslet exudes classiness. <3

+ Anne Hathaway. Hmmm...I used to like you and then your lips and eyes took over your face. Please do something so I like you again.

+ Brad Pitt and AJ just ignored Ryan Seacrest. WOW.ZERS. Ryan said, "They were rushed in..." Yeah, right.

+ Megan Fox is gorgeous. Doesn't she die her hair dark, though? She's a little weird in the interviews, though. Yikes! Oh wait, I don't care how small her waist is.

+ They should just do picture-in-picture of Brad Pitt so we can watch him the whole time.


P.S. I'll be back.

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