Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rock 'N' Roll High School

So as I mentioned yesterday, I had no 10 year high school reunion. I graduated in the spring of 1998 so you would think that this traditional get together would happen in the fall of the 10th year, right? It could probably also be planned for the spring of the 10th year or even the fall of the 9th year since that would have been when we began our final year of high school.

But with only 13 days of the 10th year left, I think I can safely say that my graduation class will not be having a 10 Year Reunion.

How do you feel about an 11 Year Reunion?

Now, to be far to the non-planners of this event I had never considered going to my reunion unless it was held somewhere cool or didn't interfere with other plans I had. Do I want to see people I never talk to? would be fun(ny) to see some. Do I want to go to an entire night of small talk? "I invented post it notes." Oh hellll no. If I don't talk to the majority of these people anymore, why would I care where they work now and how many kids they have? However, had the evening not messed up something more fun and my sister was willing to go and drink a lot with me, I was so going to go.

I also never volunteered to help plan the event so can I still think it's crazy it's not happening? Well, yes. Partly because if I had planned it, I would have just told everyone to go to a bar at the same time and partly because the SCA of the graduating class traditionally plans the event and I was so not a part of that in 1998.

So why and how was the ball dropped? I've heard some rumors, but I honestly have no idea. Do I care? Yes and no. I'm not exactly heartbroken about not seeing people I was friends with 10 years ago, but I am a fan of tradition and this one seems to have been left back in 1998 with our still new Friends episodes and fear of Y2K.



Serena said...

The stories you've relayed = craziness! Plus, this ("However, had the evening not messed up something more fun and my sister was willing to go and drink a lot with me, I was so going to go.") so reminds me of that episode of Gilmore Girls where Lane asks Sophie if they can talk about music, and Sophie responds with something like "if I have nothing to do and the laundry is done and my boyfriend is out of town, then maybe". haha.

Ant said...

Three words:

Grosse Point Blanke.

I really wish we had 10-year reunions over here.

Cheryl said...

That's too bad. Mine was pretty fun, but yes, it has to be at a bar. Drinks help when facing a roomful of your past!

Randi said...

I went to my 10 year high school reunion. Trust me - you aren't missing anything!