Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cruel Summer

Summer brings me down, y'all!

I'm a winter girl...maybe to a fault. Virginia has become a very temperate area in the past 10 years so I don't get my beloved sub 40 degree days as much as I would like. Lately, the summer heat has been bringing me down. It affects my mood. My energy. I don't feel motivated to do much of anything. I still do things, of course. I'm not holed up in my house feeling depressed or anything, but I desperately want to be excited to get dressed for the day again and not just stare into my closet, wondering what outfit won't make me feel miserable all day. How long until sweater weather!? And my hair? Oh Lord, I haven't worn my hair down for a full day in so long that when I do, I'm genuinely surprised by how long it is.

I am so ready for autumn. So so ready.

We've had a few great weather days recently, which have prompted many people to long for the seasons to change and while I am so grateful for the air to feel crisp and clean today, I also know that's it's still just the middle of August. Virginia doesn't get autumn temperatures until what has been late October in recent years. It's awful! It's so depressing to see the leaves change while wearing short sleeves. So yeah, while I (more than almost anyone) really want fall and winter to be here, I know that's it's not time yet and it's disappointing when people act like it is. Stop saying it's about to cool down and that it's almost fall. It's not. We've got to be optimistic realists here. Last week I was shivering one night in fluke temperatures in the 50s and ecstatic about it, but tomorrow the high is 88 or so. That's hot!

Sigh...come on, autumn.


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