Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cruel Summer

I try so hard to not be obsessed with the weather, but when the upcoming forecast for the last week of October has a high of 81 in there, I can't help it. It's depressing me that it's been so warm this October.

But is it really just "this October"? Timehop has been ever so kind to remind me that the past few Octobers have been unseasonably warm. It's not a fact I've forgotten, but each year a part of me has such high hopes that we will again have an October like I remember from my childhood. One that requires at least a light jacket. One during which the fallen leaves are actually crunchy and not soft with humidity. (Yuck!)

A week from now it will be November. NOVEMBER! It feels more like September around here and it upsets me that I am not in the mindset for fun Fall stuff like pumpkins and Thanksgiving and sweaters. I love this time of year and always want the lead up to Christmas to feel long, but so far, it's like we've been robbed of an entire month. Two months from yesterday will be Christmas Eve. Isn't that wild? It seems to close and it's because in my brain, it's still late summer.

And then there's the news. Yesterday the meteorologist said "Perfect 10 out of 10 today!" Oh yeah, really? For October? Are you sure about that? In my opinion, perfect late October weather is in the 50s. I don't understand why the news gives their opinions on the weather. If anything, they should work around the averages of that time of year. Not everyone wants it to be sunny and warm.

I'm a realist about the weather, but I am also so optimistic and I'm not giving up hope that we can still have a good autumn. October had about a week of good days so let's move on to November and really enjoy it! Sub 50s, please!


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