Saturday, October 18, 2014

"Reckoner" vs "You Never Wash Up After Yourself"

It's been awhile, but I haven't forgotten about my Radiohead bracket to figure out my favorite song. Check it out: HERE.


You can't take it with you
Dancing for your pleasure

You are not to blame for
Bittersweet distractors
Dare not speak its name
Dedicated to all human beings

Because we separate
Like ripples on a blank shore
In rainbows
Because we separate
The ripples on a black shore

Reckoner, take me with you

Dedicated to all human beings

(2007. In Rainbows)

This is a delicate song, but with movement. This song reminds me of being up too late. It's weird because when I listen to it, I think "This is kind of a dull song" but then I never change it and by the time it's over, I realize I've been singing along. That's got to say something, eh?

"You Never Wash Up After Yourself"

I must get out once in a while
Everything is starting to die
The dust settles, the worms dig
Spiders crawl over the bed

I must get out once in a while
I eat all day and now I'm fat
Yesterday's meal is hugging the plate
You never wash up after yourself

(1994. My Iron Lung)

I am a sucker for arpeggios. Does "Reckoner" even have a chance? I'm so torn because I think "Reckoner" is a betteng, but there's something about "You Never Wash Up After Yourself" that I love. I love how the voice rises and sounds like he gets too close to the microphone and it sounds very...raw. BUT I don't like how the song just ends. It feels a bit unfinished to me.

And the winner is...

I have no idea. I'm listening to them again to be sure. OKAY OKAY OKAY....I'm going with....


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