Monday, October 27, 2014

"Hunting Bears" vs "Lozenge of Love"

"Hunting Bears"


(2001. Amnesiac) 

This song is like an arrow into my heart and soul. I can't even explain why. There is something about it that I am obsessed with. I think it's the fingers moving on the strings, the added synth (?) halfway through that adds an eerie accompaniment,  the fact that I create a short film in my mind every time I hear it. It just sounds so simple and precise, yet at the same time it comes across with so much depth.

"Lozenge of Love"

I am gone
Everybody's waiting
And these fruit
Just a twist of poison
I won't be alone
When you're running in me
I can't stay
Like I'm somewhere always
I need more
A restless body cracks and rolls
I won't have the strength
When you're running in me

(1994. My Iron Lung)

A softer entry with this one. Quick finger-picking guitar and soft voice. There are some very pretty moments where his voice connects with the accompaniment, but overall there isn't too much to this song.

And the winner is...

Hunting Bears.

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