Saturday, July 08, 2006

Only In Dreams

Something sparked me to have some intense dreams last night. Intense in the nostalgic way. In my dream, I went to a craft show and saw an old friend. (Friend is an interesting word to use here because we were more than just acquaintances, but never to the level of hanging out one on one.) Somehow though, in my dream, we were like long-lost best friends or something and I decided to help her sell her beaded necklaces. And true to how this girl was, her necklaces sucked but everyone still thought they were works of art.

Then it started raining-whatever that means. Maybe it was for the appropriate entrance of another old friend and someone who definitely holds a special place in 'mah heart'. But it was like getting caught on enemy sides, though, being with the bead-selling girl who also happened to be his ex-girlfriend. Having to choose one over the other, I chose to explain things to him and I later found out I had chosen correctly as bead girl had gone AWOL and left ME to clean up HER crappy bead necklaces.

But I had turned my back for too long and he and his friends vanished so I went back to trying to find my sister which led me to a train in New Hampshire (go figure!). We got off sync though and I ended up in Delaware while she was stuck at a river party back in New Hampshire. I did eventually get to where she was and at that point I woke up to come out and watch the Wimbledon Ladies final.

It was a good final seeing as how I don't like either player and wanted them to just tie and not have a champion. It's over now and I'm content with the result since it was a match well played and not a case of someone choking and losing it. It makes such a difference for someone to WIN a title as opposed to someone losing it to their opponent.



Serena said...

Dreams always creep me out in how weird they are. You ever think we're secretly psychic and seeing some version of the future?

Miss Scarlet said...

I either think I'm psychic or my own shrink.